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    Product Description
    Powder metallurgy cam one-way clutch.
    CAM any experence and relief system of motorcycle engine accessories, as well as the relief fittings can also be applied to all kinds of small gasoline engine (e.g., generator, lawn mower, etc.), but most for motorcycles. It is mainly exported to India.It is made of alloy powder and has a hardness of 30-40hrc.

    Technical Parameter
    1. Weight:19.2g
    2. Density:>6.9g/cm³
    3. Heat treatment hardness:30-40HRC

    Process Flow
    1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→4.Heat treatment→5.Checkout→6.Polishing→7.Inspect hole→8.Oil pregnation→9.Assembling→10.Oil pregnation→11.cleaning→12.packaging.

    Material Control sheet
    Material Control sheet
    Material DeslgnationType of MaterialChemical Composition(%)
    HLC007Alloyed steelBal.0.6-0.90.5-20.2-0.50.5-2//<2
    1. How much floor space your company have?
    A: Factory area 9000 ㎡, building area 25000 ㎡.
    2. What about the sales volume of your company?
    A: In 2017, we has a total sales volume of 80 million. In 2018, we have invested a lot of automatic equipment, and the productivity has been greatly improved, and the sales volume is expected to increase by more than 30%.
    3. Is your forming facility hydraulic press or mechanical press? made from where?
    A: The forming equipment we use is the mechanical press of ningbo huizhong, which is the first brand in China.
    4. How many kinds of powder metallurgy material you choose to use?
    A: till now, we frequently use Hybird Low-alloy steel, Diffusion-alloyed steel, pre-alloyed steel, sinter-hardened steel, Ordinary iron carbon, iron and copper carbon powder etc, stainless steel we also use.
    5. Which material standard your company according with to production?
    A: We can manufacture products according to MPIF standard 35, JIS Z 2550-1983, and we can also produce according to DIN 30910 standard.
    6. Do you have own machining workshop?
    A: Yes, we have 40 sets CNC lathes and 15 drilling and milling machines. We can meet all the machining operations of our company.buy Powder Metallurgy Parts For Motorcycle Camshaft Exhaust System