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    Customized intelligent hot runner PID temperature controller with manual mode function
    (1)With FUZZY PIDD control technology but without PID parameters, it can be automatically fit for any heating models and greatly improve the work capacity;
    (2)380V input protection, it can stop from controller damage by power input error
    (3)Heater output shorted protection: When heater and load are shorted, controller will close output automatically, in case of hot runner temperature system damage.
    (4)Auto ambient temperature line compensation makes controlling more precise
    (5)T/C automatic cold compensation, in case of deviation due to ambient temperature change
    (6)T/C monitor error:
    (7)Controller can monitor sensor reversed and sensor open. When question is monitored, it will be remended according to wrong type and mode.
    (8)Loop Break Detection
    (9)Warmer current monitor
    (10)Output Interruption Check
    (11)Leakage error monitoar (Ground Fault Detection Circuit);
    (12)Deviation Alarms;
    (13)Manual mode
    (14)Soft start function
    (15)Full wrong info display, make you easier to find default reasons
    Controller unit specification
    ● For indoors use:
    ● Power input voltage: AC185V-245V, 50/60Hz, 15A
    ● Load: 15A, 100W-3650W;
    ● Output type: PWM (phase-shift pulse width modulation), SSR (solid state)
    ● Sensor Type: Thermocouple(J or K)
    ● Temperature control scope: 50C-550 C
    ● Temperature stability: +0.5%
    ● Temperature control type: FUZZY+PIDD Artificial Intelligence + phase-shift control
    ● Automatic ambient temperature compensation of internal measuring loop
    ● Function of voltage input protection of watch core cable
    ● Function of hot wire protection
    ● Function of soft start to eliminate the die electric leakage caused by humidity
    ● F1, F2: 250V-15A (special fuse)
    ● F1A, F3: 250-1A
    Hot runner accessories:
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