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    Model FFA680/180 Automatic pita bread packing machine
    Pita bread packing machine, can pack single bread ,also can pack multi row breads.
    We have supplied such kind of machine to KFC bread supplier in China many many sets.
    This machine can work together with bread production line ,greatly save the labor cost for our customers and this machine is most popular in bakery industries.
    1. Bread packing machine, adopts PLC control, avoid of using many electric parts, easy to operate
    2. Servo motor control, makes the bread packing machine less noise
    3. Photoeye sensor, make machine cut bags precisely
    4. Dual way tracing eyemarks, easy to adjust when changing the sizes of products
    5. The machine can design Auto feeding system ,save labor cost for our customers, widely used in foods, such as bread and sandwich
    6. This machine can be equipped with Nitrogen filling system ,to keep pita bread long time for fresh.
    7. This machine can be with one or two or three servo motors according different request of customers.
    8. Feeding conveyors can be extended to be 6 meters based on standard 3 meters, in this way customers can put more workers for feeding.
    Technical data
    Max film width(mm)720
    Packaging rate(bag/min)30-120
    Bag length(mm)100-450
    Bag width(mm)15-300
    Product height(mm)15-80
    Power voltage(v)220
    Total installed power(kw)4kw
    Dimensions(LxWxH)mm5700*1350*1700packaging machine price