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    Assassin: The assassin is the master of the stealth DPS. They sound like them. Recommendation. If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding Path Of Exile Chaos Orbs kindly visit our web site.The assassin’s weapons are daggers and swords. Most of their abilities revolve around invisibility, continuing to use poison in their weapons and rendering their opponents incapacitated by dizziness. Assassins need to attract the attention of their opponents. These are the most unavoidable categories in the room, which ensures that they use the most power to hit the ball incredibly. Assassins are also the best at parsing high DPS, which appeals to people. Listen to hooligans or assassins in other games, enjoy invisible, inexpensive POEs, worship jewels and get hurt, and assassins will find you find something useful. Our friends and orchards have any star peach crops (flowers come later).